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Avicii Experience officially inaugurated by Swedish Prince, Princess and Klas Bergling

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Ahead of its official opening tomorrow on Saturday 26 February, the Avicii Experience museum was officially inaugurated on Thursday 24 February. With H.R.H Prince Carl Philip and H.R.H Princess Sofia in attendance for this event alongside Avicii’s father Klas Bergling, they were also joined by creative director & curator Ingmarie Halling, Content Producer Lisa Halling-Aadland and CEO of Pophouse Entertainment Per Sundin to celebrate the Experience finally coming to life. 

“It’s been an exciting but difficult task to create the Avicii Experience Museum. We are very happy with the result and it gives the visitor a chance to explore Tim’s music and life in many different ways thanks to the trans medial storytelling,” said Ingmarie Halling.

The museum is a deep dive into the famous life of Avicii and allows fans to get to know him more than ever in an interactive way, aiming to transport the public into his life in a way. Acting as a time travel experience, attendees start out in the beloved producer’s childhood bedroom, further moving onto his first studio and beyond, pinpointing pivotal moments in his public life whilst also making it extremely personal. With 300 square metres of history, there are photos, videos, personal belongings and more to explore, and a highlight includes his beloved grand piano which plays out a piano instrumental version of ‘Sunset Jesus’, made just for the Experience. Whilst also celebrating the highs, it also showcases the lows including the darker and more exhausting side of fame that he struggled with, as all fans will know. 

The inauguration with H.R.H Prince Carl Philip, H.R.H Princess Sofia, Tim’s father Klas Bergling, Curator Ingmarie Halling, Content Producer Lisa Halling-Aadland and Per Sundin, CEO Pophouse Entertainment. Image credit: Knut Capra

“An important part of Avicii Experience is the focus on the experience. Many of the fans have grown up with Tim’s music and here they can explore and interact with the songs via custom-made objects and installations. For example, you can create your own Levels mix with different sounds and effects on a touchscreen,” stated Lisa Halling-Aadland.

The Avicii Experience, located in Stockholm at Space, opens up tomorrow on 26 February and tickets are available to purchase through the official website here.

Image credit: Sean Eriksson Courtesy of Universal Music

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