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Daft Punk return with rare livestream & deluxe 25th anniversary edition of ‘Homework’

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Arguably one of the most iconic dance acts in history, Daft Punk just marked the one year anniversary since their split, with a rare livestream that took place on Twitch. Taking us all back to 1997, the French electronic duo would be gracing the Mayan Theater in Los Angeles at that moment in time, with their set being part of the hugely anticipated Daftendirektour. Fast-forward to now and fans alike had the opportunity of re-witnessing the unmasked classic set, as Daft Punk officially kick-start a month-long series of anniversary celebrations.

Leaving a lasting legacy is no easy task, however, since the formation of this legendary act back in 1993, Daft Punk have been recognised as musical pioneers on more than one occasion, whilst their vast array of records and accolades, have also led to the duo’s recognition as the dance scenes’ most influential of acts. With this in mind, their debut album ‘Homework‘ only recently turned 25 years old, and what better way for Daft Punk to celebrate such a milestone, than offering us all a deluxe digital edition. Consisting of 15 remixes from the original album, fans alike can also get their hands on several tracks that have never been shared on digital platforms before, with the likes of DJ Sneak, Motorbass, Slam and I:Cube adding their own remix touch among other great artists’ that feature on the special 25th anniversary edition of ‘Homework.’

Having announced their split on the 22nd of February 2021, Daft Punk left us all stunned, as we saw their 28 year reign come to a close in the most unexpected of ways. Although their break up came in the most sudden of fashions, it was not long until we all looked back at everything that this iconic duo had achieved, and in turn, leaving us all overwhelmed and thrilled to have been able to experience the masters at work for almost more than two decades. A year on since their split, and we cannot be any more thrilled with what is in store, as Daft Punk will be blessing us all with never-before-seen live shows, behind the scenes footage, as well as repressed vinyl editions of both ‘Homework’ and ‘Alive ’97‘ in this celebratory month that lays ahead. Be sure to stay tuned, as we will keep you updated with all things Daft Punk!

Image Credit: Daft Punk

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