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Welcome to
The sound social- This is the network built by the music industry for the music world. Yusuf Serunjogi has been around music, whether listening, singing or producing, since the launch of the iPod. We built as the future hub for social mp3 sharing. In a world of streaming, the mp3 has not lost its purpose.

First and foremost offline listening of music today without subscriptions requires the mp3 version to be played on most devices including smartphones. To most people, a playlist of a few songs they can sing along to and know , is worth the purchase. In film production, an mp3 version of the audio music is required a an ideal for inclusion in the process.

$0.99 cents is our price. Jay-Z once said ”Your single was 0.99 cents, mine was 4 bucks” .In the iPod days when mp3s on iTunes were 0.99cents, this statement would hurt. Now, since the average music streaming service pays only 0.0095 cents per stream, time and popularity among other factors like advertising , can make Jay-Z his 0.99cents faster in the same amount of time. For new releases, making our price 0.99 cents allows all artists including independent ones, a fair raise in cost of the first listening of the release and the price doesn’t increase for fans when the release is popular. This is great for both the musicians and fans.

Welcome, Unlike other social medias, we focus on empowering musicians with tools to make the most out of their music. After signing up, musicians can purchase a personal social animal barcode. This is unique barcode that you can print out and use for promotional purposes. When anyone scans the barcode, it’s will take them to your profile where fans and clients can purchase your music and interact with social presence. Menu features like random song, our audio clipper, camera give different ways musicians and fans can show and tell their love for music in a social way .
Join us at today. The sound social.

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