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Music for everyone. Gingolow is a digital music service that gives you access to millions of songs. Find and share the playlist to your Life with Gingolow’s Random Vibe Finder

The gingolow qr shuffle music player. Gingolow is a social media where you make soundtracks
to posts. These songs are stored in your profile and qr code.

Soundtrack To Your Life

Create a playlist

Select the songs you want added

Find new music

Discover new releases

follow tracks

Get updates on the artists

Share music

Message and follow people

Your QR Code

When people scan your QR Code they can click on the link see your profile and playlist!

To play the music, take a picture of your qr code.

This automatically logs u into your phone and gingolow. From there, you can listen to your soundtrack, random song generator and all the other profiles you have added to your favorites.

Are you tired of paying monthly for the same song you listen to and love?

Do you share the same music taste as your friends not some bot? Are you lyrical and can find the perfect song to describe a situation?
Want to earn money for every cool post you make?
From Edison canned music to the has had a container. The paper pod holds music through YouTube and gingolow social media.
The point of our player is to share , listen and understand motivation for listening through posts.
We want you to say things like..”I like Jimmy’s
profile, he finds funny songs and makes fun of them”, “I like Yusufs profile, his real ghetto”.
We want you to build identity through the music you listen to. Peer pressure is all about listening to your friends. Make the music your friend and make a statement about who you are through the
music you listen to.

Don’t forget to share with a memorable post.

You will have contacts, messaging, sharing and of course listening
Get yours at