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Rest in peace-king

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Rest in Peace
My brother was born June 26 ,1988 and lived thirty three years. He was born with A.I.D.S and died from complications from it. Those thirty three years were no waste of time. He had directed a movie, had albums and was known sea to sea. His eventful life did not come without troubles. He had two strokes in his twenties that changed his trajectory on the meaning of life. He started saying, ” I want to die”. Why? In “Shoulders Support the World”, Carlos Drummond de Andrade provides hope when juxtaposing the dark difficulties of life with the light simplicity of death.
Drummond states tasks that are no longer practiced after death. Active tasks like love, friendships and prayer can only be done while the person is living. These tasks tend to require another present party to be involved. He begins the poem by saying that “there comes a time when we no longer say: my God”(Drummond). This makes the reader assume that he believes in God or a higher power. Religion is the ongoing relationship with God. On earth, worshipers look for his guidance, mercy, pray he helps them through trials and tribulations and hopefully to meet him in heaven. He later states that “the wars , famines and talks in buildings/ only prove that life goes on/ and not all have freed themselves yet”(Drummond). This tells the reader that these are things to be freed from. He adds that “some, finding the spectacle barbarous/ prefer (the delicates) to die”(Drummond). In death, calling on God changes and is no longer necessary. The dead meet God and people start praying for them and hope they are in a better place, somewhere other than earth. They are free from these earthly troubles. Drummond’s use of calling on God as a task believers no longer do after death, brings the reader to consider the simplicity of dying and having what comes to them. The relationship with a higher power is satisfied.
Drummond evokes a sense of hope after death because you are free from wondering what’s coming next. People do not need wealth or luck to get it. Death is a time of summary, “merely life without perplexity”(Drummond). Like my brother who no longer feared death, “you’re convinced, you no longer know suffering”(Drummond). This sense of knowing death, for sure out of life that is coming, can be comforting. It can be comforting and brings hope because it’s uplifting which is not something one identifies with when looking at death. Wondering if there is another day of ups and downs, another love, another war? People say rest in peace but as Drummond entails , in peace the person rests after death. Life can be tough for most people but one thing guaranteed is death.
My brother had his troubles but on his trip to the hospital in his last days, he smiled and waved. That flat line in the hospital room meant it was all over. No more praying for a better life or the uncertainty that it will come but the end of his chapter. Drummond’s message in the poem is that death is not something one should be afraid of but something they should look forward to.

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